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Angleton, 1225 Heather Lane, Friday-Saturday, 8am-? Exercise Equipment, Kitchen Table/Chairs, Children/Adult Clothing, House Plants, MISC - map it
Angleton, 160 Bald Prairie Drive, Thursday, 8am-5pm, Saturday, 8am-3pm, MULTIFAMILY, Clothes, Furniture, Yard Tools, Misc - map it
Angleton, 2125 East Mulberry, (Lamplight Park), Saturday, 8am-1pm, Futon, Table/6 Chairs, Misc - map it
Angleton, 2611 North Valderas, Friday-Saturday, 8am-Noon, Entertainment Center, Exercise Equipment, Halloween Items, Variety Of Plants, Collectibles, LOTS MISC - map it
Angleton, 2617 South Front Street, Friday, 8am-5pm, Saturday, 8am-Noon, Bikes, Microwave, Shoes, Lots Of Misc - map it
Angleton, 274 East Phillips Road, Friday-Saturday, 8am-? Multifamily, Clothes, Household, Tools, Welding Supplies, Too Much To List! - map it
Angleton, 557 Munson Court, Saturday ONLY, 8am-Noon, Multifamily, Clothes, Home Goods, Dryer, Misc - map it
Angleton, 667 W Henderson, Friday-Saturday, 8am-? Pool Table, Cricut Machine, Furniture, Seasonal Decor, Household, Misc - map it
Angleton, 725 Noreda, Friday-Saturday, 8am-? Clothes, Furniture, Kitchen Items, Total Gym, Too Much To List, Misc - map it

Bay City

Bay City, 1708 Baylor, Friday-Saturday, 9am-2pm, ESTATE SALE, Antiques, Furniture, Linens, Kitchenware, Dolls, Tools, Appliances, Wicker, Clothing, No Children In home Please - map it


Brazoria, 20547 N. Hwy-36, Saturday, 8am-2pm - map it
Brazoria, 218 East Alabama, Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 8am-Noon, INDOOR MOVING SALE! Lots Of Furniture, Homegoods, Misc - map it
Brazoria, 422 East Florida, Thursday-Saturday, 8:30am-2pm, Rain Or Shine, Men/Women Clothes, Shoes, Toys, Furniture, Household, Misc - map it
Brazoria, 507 S Erwin (Corner Of Erwin/ East Florida), Thursday-Friday, 8am-5pm, Dishes, Clothes, Vacuums, Furniture, Small/Large Appliances, Misc - map it


Clute, 114 Emerald Drive, Saturday Only, 8am-11:30am, Clothes, Shoes, Furniture, Christmas Decor, Misc - map it
Clute, 114 Madison Avenue (College Park) Friday-Saturday, 7:30am-? MULTIFAMILY! Designer Boys/Girls Clothing, Lots Of Toys, Shoes, Household Items - map it
Clute, 215 Lexington, Friday, 8am-? Boys/Women Clothing, Jewelry, Shoes, Misc - map it
Clute, 330 N Dixie Drive, Thursday-Saturday, 8am-Noon, Behind Asiel's, Clothes, Household & NASCAR Items - map it
Clute, 607 Aiken, (Iglesia La Fe), Saturday, 8am-? Appliances, Clothes, Rugs, Sheets, MISC - map it


Freeport, 119 West 7th, Friday-Saturday, 8am-2pm, Furniture, Household, Tools, Antiques, Misc - map it
Freeport, 1426 W 11th, Thursday-Friday, 7am-? Kids/Toddler Clothes & Toys, Home Decor, Men's Work Clothes, DVDs, Misc - map it
Freeport, 1750 West 5th Street, Thursday-Friday, 8am-3pm, Plants, Clothes, Toys, Misc - map it
Freeport, 1822 North Avenue I, Friday-Saturday, 9am-2pm, Lots Of Christmas Items, Clothes, Good Stuff, CASH ONLY - map it
Freeport, 507 West 1st, Friday-Saturday, 8am-Noon, Men's & Women Clothes, Some Furniture, Purses, Accessories, Misc - map it
Freeport, 602 West 4th, Saturday, 8:30am-12:30pm, Clothes; Boys, 14-16, Girls 5, Shoes, Misc - map it
Freeport, 9030 Hoskins Road, Thursday-Saturday, 8am-2pm, MULTIFAMILY! Too Much To List - map it

Lake Jackson

Lake Jackson, 103 N. Blunk, 8am-? Multifamily, Furniture, Clothes, All Sizes, Knickknacks, Baby Items, Lots Of Misc - map it
Lake Jackson, 107 Gardenia, Friday-Saturday, 8am-? Christmas/ Home Decor, Avon, Pressure Washer, TOO MUCH TO LIST - map it
Lake Jackson, 118 Begonia, Friday-Saturday, 8am-? Collectibles, Fishing Equipment, Furniture, Air Compressor, Deer Feeder, Receiver Hitch Cargo Carrier, Portable Potty, Two Recliners, Seasonal Items, Mustang/Falcon Parts, Glassware, Cookware, Chainsaw, Much, Much More - map it
Lake Jackson, 1907 Oak Island Drive, Friday-Saturday, 8am-3pm, Toys, Clothing, Furniture, Kitchen/Garden Items, Misc - map it
Lake Jackson, 201 Violet Lane, Saturday, 8am-3pm, Multifamily BENEFIT, ALL PROCEEDS For CHILD'S MEDICAL EXPENSES - map it
Lake Jackson, 51 Crepe Myrtle Court, Saturday, 8am-Noon, Living Room Sectional, Big Chair, Two End Tables, 5'x9' Rug, More - map it

West Columbia

West Columbia, 444 S. 17th (Weems Shopping Center), Thursday-Saturday, 8am-6pm. HUGE SUPER ESTATE & GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE! Books, Jewelry, Glassware, Tools, Picture, Antiques, Hunting/Fishing/Camping Items, Lamps, Pipe Metal, Lots Of Lumber & So Much More! - map it

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